IP Security Cameras - Residential

Householders are increasingly aware of security in and around their homes.  Many people are out at work all day; their daily routine making it easier for break-ins to occur.  IP camera technology means that you can record what’s going on in your home when you’re out; you can also view live feed or play back footage from wherever you are.  It has never been easier to monitor your house when you’re away and access information from your cameras wherever you are.

Security may not be the only reason you need to see what’s going on at home.  Cameras can be used to keep an eye on things more precious than the contents of your home.  You may want the peace of mind to know your baby has gone to sleep when you’re out – you can do this with an infra-red camera with the option of two-way audio as well.  You may also want to check that your animals are being fed properly when you’re on holiday, especially if you’re paying for the service!  Whilst this may not be a primary reason for choosing security cameras for your home, it’s an added benefit and something to think about.

There are many camera and recording options to choose from.  Consider the following features and decide which ones would suit you best:

  • Wireless connections to eliminate the need for network wiring
  • Built-in infrared for night-time vision – up to 20m range
  • Email alerts to let you know when movement is detected
  • Up to six weeks' recording time
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras to cover large areas
  • Attractive dome-shaped cameras
  • Cameras that let you see and hear what’s going on

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