IP Security Cameras - Public Sector

Schools and other public buildings, especially in remote areas, can be unoccupied for longer periods of time than a home or business premises.  It is vital, therefore, that a security camera system is flexible enough to deal with users who are not necessarily near the site. 

With IP security cameras, seeing what’s going on couldn’t be easier.  You simply need access to a secure internet connection and live pictures or recordings are available to see online – wherever you are.  You can even opt to receive emails when motion is detected on cameras!

Installation of the cameras is simpler than traditional, analogue CCTV too.  Cameras do not need their own power supply if they have a PoE (Power over Ethernet) connection.  You can have up to 9 cameras on one recorder.  And the picture quality will surprise you too, even when it’s dark.


Some common questions and answers regarding IP security cameras in public buildings:

When our school is closed, the alarm system can go off quite regularly.  This means a member of staff or a governor has to rush to the school to investigate.  This can be quite a distance.

With IP security cameras, members of staff or governors can access pictures of the school site online wherever they are – from their smartphone, tablet or computer.  They can be emailed when motion is detected onsite – very useful for holidays and weekends.  They can look over previous footage and assess easily whether the alarm simply needs switching off due to a false alarm, or whether further action is needed because of suspicious behaviour.


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