IP camera network setup

The diagram below shows a typical IP camera network setup, showing all the component parts that are explained below.

IP security camera network setup

Network CamerasWe can provide high-resolution cameras that are for indoor or outdoor and either wired or wireless cameras.  They can be box, bullet, dome, cube and PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom)

Network Video Recorder.  The DNR-326 shown is a Network Video Recorder which can record 9 cameras at once and allows for concurrent recording and viewing either in the premises or remotely via the internet. 

UPS.  The UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) means that during a power cut the DNR can continue to record.  UPS can be used for switches as well so that cameras can continue to record during a power cut also.

Gigabit Switch.  Typically we recommend having POE (Power over Ethernet) switches where the camera allows.  These send power through the network cable removing the need to get power to each camera. 

Internet.  We can install reliable broadband dependent on the requirements of the particular situation.

Remote Viewing.  Computers and some mobile devices can view the cameras remotely for the ultimate in peace-of-mind